Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hope everyone had a nice Easter...

First things first, I have the internets at maximum warp again! Well, not maximum, but quite sufficient.

The commercial I worked on last month at Psyop finally aired and someone who worked on it posted it so I reckon it's okay to link it.
My main shots were -
  • s17 - fore and mid ground Octo guys, their Squid bubbles, and the arms.
  • s23 - quick shot of the fox at the Octobot controls
  • s24 - foreground fox, octobot and bubble sac, and the near-midground action of the bubble sac being hit by the turtles and eaten by the sub
I'll post the playblasts when I get the project page up as there's a bit more there. I had a blast on the project and really enjoyed the team and look forward to working with them again in the future.
Had some lemons of life lately which I'm workin on making into something sweeter...maybe lemonheads...I like those. The most recent of which was discovering Poison Oak in some other vines I was clearing off of some trees. Never had it before. Don't want it again. Don't want you to have it either. Avoid this at all cost....
However, I do have a sympathetic, supportive and beautiful wife who makes the bad days not so bad.
That and the prospect of a gator hunt on a neighbor's pond sounds like a life experience that suburbia just can't offer that the rural one can:)
Also, Bokser wants to finish Garden City this decade so I best get back to that...


Jon said...

Awesome work man, I was wondering what kind of other duties you had in this commercial, if you don't mind me asking. I mean did you have to model, rig, texture etc.. I was just wondering, anyways that's pretty cool to see you doing commercials and I wish you the best.

Unknown said...

Heya Jon,

Thanks for the kind words. On this particular commercial I only did animation. I did some custom lattice deformers but that was the extent of it on the TD side. For example on the shot where the Bubble Squid get's grabbed by the arm. I was scaling joints and have two different lattice deformers on him to Squash him good:)

I've worked on a few others that I'll get up eventually where I did more than just that.


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