Saturday, May 2, 2009

Demo Reel - Spring 2009

Well, it's about time. I've finally updated my reel. It's mostly comprised of Garden City work along with the lip sync and Squirrely animations I did over the last couple of weeks. I am currently seeking temporary/contractual onsite or remote work as an animator in film, game or commercial work and am also open to full time employment opportunities in the Austin/Houston, TX areas. A higher res version of my reel can be found at the "Reel" link up top. Resume is up to date as well. Next week, I'm working on a project with Cory. Can't wait! Also, Squirrely is in prerelease. If you wanna test/play with him, gimme a shout via comment.


CANTrow said...

Great demo reel! The dialogue in the beginning turned out real well. I've been watching your progress on it. Wow that sounds creepy. Anyway, I would love to be able to play with that rig. My e-mail address is cantero.chris@gmail.

Copper said...

hey, it's Jonah S from the CG-char forums. I'd love to play around with the squirrel rig too.
I love the look of it and the animation you did with him is pretty amazing.

my e-mail is

and congrats on the awesome demo reel. hope it serves you well

Matt Ornstein said...

Hey Josh,
As I said before adorable character! Mind if I play around with it? :)

Boomer said...

hey dude I was just checking out your lipsync and I found that some of the bigger hand gestures with the green shirted guy felt a little odd because you lead with the fingers instead of the wrists I think if you tweak those poses a bit this would be a very nice piece.

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