Friday, January 9, 2009

Squirrely Starts his Obstacle Course...

I'm trying a new workflow for animating - doing it in 2d first. Animation Mentor had a webinar last month that Jason Ryan lectured and this was his workflow and I wanted to give it a go. This is the first day of animation on Squirrely's obstacle course test. I worked on the key poses yesterday along with "3dizing" my set from my drawing. I'm still playing with how it's gonna end up. Still a lot to go, but it's coming along. If you got any idears or see things amiss, critique away. Bokser is done with his freelancing, so it'll be back to Garden City next week for the most part. I'll try to get some more progress on Squirrely during the weekend, but it's looking kinda full.

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Matt said...

Brilliant animation! It's looking fantastic sir!

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