Thursday, January 15, 2009

030_020_020 2d Wip

Squirrely had to take a side seat to Henry this week. I'm working through my next shot on Garden City. Had a bunch of stuff come up the last few days so I haven't got quite as far as I'd hoped to, but it's coming along. Still very rough, but that's what WIP means, no? It's been a bugger working things out with the camera doing all kinds of crazy (can't complain too much there though...I did the layout...) Dave put together an up to date in progress version of the film this week and it's great to see it starting to come together. I love this part of the film making progress - from reel to real:) We'll prolly be letting that link fly here before too long to get an early "screen test". If you're interested, check back soon:)

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