Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's a new year and I accomplished about 2 of my resolutions from last year. Let's see, what did I do this year? Hmm...

  • Got engaged to my amazing fiance
  • Taught a semester of college
  • Finished working on 3 games at work (Stranglehold, Blacksite, and the next Ballers)
  • Learned to write some mel scripts
  • Grew my beard back
  • Read a copious amount of books
  • Visited Yosemite
  • Moved to Austin
I guess that's not too shabby. I've got some resolutions for this year, but I'm not writing them on my blog so I can't see them a year from now glaring at me having not accomplished them.

What else is going on...
  • Glumpers - Amazing sound, beautiful animation. Just watch it.

  • Project No Name. Still chugging along on my buddy Dave's film. I'm really excited to be working on full body stuff again. I've blocked a couple of scenes and am looking forward to digging in. I think it's gonna be a great piece.
  • Share the Potion! - Check out an Animated short/commercial by my buddy Cory.
  • Dynamics - I hate thee. I've been working on some dynamics at work and it's about to eat my lunch. I hear Maya's rigid bodies aren't well suited for what I'm making them do, but I don't have any other options at present. A work flow of move this, run 5 minute simulation, move that, 5 minute simulation isn't the most efficient. I'm sure there's better ways of working, but I did find this heartening read that let me know even the big budget movie guys have the same frustrations.

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Matt said...

Congrats on the getting engaged! and It seems like you had a great year in your professional life as well!

I have been messing with Rigid Bodies with some students lately as well. Its tricky at times indeed.

I had a student break a house into a little under a thousand pieces and have it collapse into itself. It worked out pretty good, but it was rough going for a while.


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