Sunday, May 22, 2005

Whoah, boy!

I started animating a lip sync on Friday in an attempt to get one to beef up my reel before sending it out this week. I took some video reference with my new iSight and got to cracking. I've not done a 3d lip sync in a LONG time and it was bit daunting getting back into it until I remembered that it's just keyframes like any other animation. I got most of my blocking done Friday and made it into my linear tangent phase when I heard from a friend of mine in the industry who gave me a very good critique. The clip I'm using has a definite build up in the intensity of the character. His critique said that I was overacting and not giving any room for the intensity of the action to build with that of the dialogue. Better to push too far and pull it back than never stretching the limits. At least I read something to that effect in The Illusion of Life. Here's where I stopped: Overacting So, with that, I threw my keys back to stepped and started redoing some of my major keys and breakdowns to try to get a real build in intensity of action. While waiting to hear back on some work, I went ahead an broke down the mouth shapes. They're not quite on yet. My main concern is getting the new actions down. Much more work needs to be done, but here's where I stopped for the night: Remix I'm hoping to finish the animation up today (it's 2:00 in the morning as I write this) or tomorrow. My compliments to PJ Leffelman and whomever else from The Art Academy worked on this rig. It's solid. I gotta figure out how they did this fk to ik match and vice versa. I think Lowman has it as well. Fantastico!

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