Thursday, May 19, 2005

My hats off to the Art Institute of Washington...

I attended the Art Institute of Washington in 2001 for a few quarters. Made some good friends but decided I wanted to go to a different school and so transferred to Savannah College of Art and Design. To get my transcripts released, I had to get as special loan to cover all unmet costs. I did so, got my transcripts and moved to Savannah. Fast forward 4 years. So, last fall, I get a call from a collections agency saying that AI had put me in collections for a balance I owed. I had never heard a peep from them since I left so, suffice it to say, this was a bit of a surprise. Over the next few months we went over the details of how I'd paid and they wouldn't have released my transcripts if I hadn't, etc. etc. Every month it seemed, I'd get a call, tell the agency the same thing, and they'd say okay, we'll get back to you. Yesterday, I got a call from them again and she tells me that most people pay and the contest it. To which I replied that that didn't make any sense because when they have my money, what do they care? So I asked if there was anyway to work through this, call someone etc. She said I could call AI. So call them I did and left a message on the voice mail of the woman whom I was supposed to talk to explaining the situation and asking what I could do. This morning, I got a call from the agency saying that AI had contacted them and credited my account and we were square. So, thank you Art Institute for taking care of this, I'm very happy to have that monkey off my back.

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