Monday, October 8, 2012

Morpheus Rig 2.0 Kickstarter...the game has begun!

We're live, internets! You have 30 days to make this project a go. So if you like Morpheus Rig or CG Monks and  wanna see more, now is your chance! Thank you for all your support.


rblitz said...

Hey Josh, have you posted about this on I just pledged 25 dollars by the way. Thanks for all the hard work.

Unknown said...

I'd forgotten:( Done. Thanks for the reminder and for the support!

Fes said...

Hey Josh,
just backed the project and very happy that you guys are working on it.

Will 2.0 be one seamless rig? By that I mean will the head be connected to the body or are you guys keeping it seperate?



Unknown said...

Thanks Fes!

That's one of the things you as a backer will help us decide. :) Check out the vimeo video on the facial rig. We talk about it a little on that and the comments below.

Thanks again!

Fes said...

Ah, just saw it, Josh. Definitely if it's easier to customize if the head is kept seperate, then I am definitely in that camp.

Looking forward to more videos of the progress and giving input. :)



k24101990 said...

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