Friday, August 5, 2011

Morphy Tip of the Month: I'm gonna be lazy and say watch David's videos below:)

Kicking off with a tutorial/demo from a internet friend of mine. David's class are the ones working on  the Morphy Wardrobe project. Nice demo Dave! Also, there's a part 2....

Fantastic bit of animation by matthewpresForwarded to me by Pierre. Thanks!

Great one I stumbled across on vimeo...

Some great Morpheus examples in the 11 sec club this month. An especially good one even got number 2. Congrats!


Fes said...

Hey Josh,
Just came back from Siggraph and saw Morris Lessmore.

To me, it was one of the absolute awesome shorts in the Electronic Theater.

Saw your name in the credits.

Congratulations. :)

Unknown said...

Hey Fes, glad you liked it. Had a great time workin on the project. Still haven't seen the whole thing myself:)

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