Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day! (and Morphy)

First off, happy Independence Day if you're in the U.S. and if you're not - happy Monday! Smoked a brisket yesterday and man do I love slow smoked meats....

This is a playblast version of my 'let's-try-out-Morphy' anim test. Had a lot of fun doin the segment and learned a good bit about the rig. Those interested can see progressive updates on my Vimeo channel. 

Voted on the 11 Second Club entries yesterday and there are a lot of solid Morphy entries. Best of luck to you all. However my high vote was for a Norman piece. No favoritism here:)

For some training wheels on customizing Morphy, you can download the customizations from my animation in their own respective scene files. Eventually I hope to have a more elegant customization saving solution but that day has not yet come.

Included are:

  • Fezik - Big guy
  • oldGuy - Key guy
  • Wes - Mr. Shoves a lot
  • Inigo - the Spaniard!
  • Base scene file with my lighting setup from this piece since some folks haven't the time or inclination to set up lighting. Some just wanna animate and I can appreciate that. REMEMBER - mental ray.

Some notes:

  • BEFORE you try pulling one into a scene, make sure your preferences are set to cm units. Otherwise the rig will self destruct.
  • The customizations reference the Morphy v1.0 rig. If you try to point to one you've modified, it probably won't work
  • Import whichever rig you want WITH 'preserve references' checked.
  • With that you should be off to the races


erica said...

Awesome, thanks for making these customized Morphys available! I was able to open the old guy and Fezik just fine. However when I try to open Inigo or Wes, only their head and hand geometry shows up. Is there a step I'm missing? I'm on Maya 2009 and pointing the reference editor to the Morphy v1.0 rig.


Unknown said...

Hey Erica, glad you enjoy the rig. Apparently there's some issues with 2009 opening stuff up. I did them in 2011 and there must be some shader issues or something. If there's a way you can jump to 2011 you should be fine, otherwise I'll have to figure out something else.

I'm planning on writing a settings saver so if we can't get this working in 2009 for now I can save the settings when the script is done.

If anyone has 2010 installed and can test I'd appreciate it.

g1toons said...

cool i shall be checking these out,

David G Latour said...

Hey Josh - I use pose2shelf to store Morphy characters in an easily transferable format. Just select all the Morphing and customizing controls and fire up "Pose2Shelf". When you click on the "set pose to shelf" button, it essentially creates a Mel script with a bunch of catch and set attribute commands. Then, one button click and Bam! - Morphy is transformed into whatever character I want. Fun stuff. You could also run them from the script editor.

I do all my customizing in the unreferenced scene and then point my animation reference file there, so namespaces are not a problem.

Eventually, I really want to create a place on ECMWP where folks could download their own Morphy character customizations this way. I just have to find the time.

David Latour

Unknown said...

Hey man, yup that's the idea basically. However I want to account for referencing as well as a few other things. I've done it before on a proprietary basis, I just have to dig up the code one of these days.

Also have a bunch of other ideas very much along the lines of what you said on the database of Morphy stuff. It's in the works and you and your students are on my short list of peeps to beta test when it's ready to go.


VARMA said...
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VARMA said...

hey josh....thanx 4 the customized Morphys....but only one issue im planning a short film in which Fezik just suits....but the only problem i need to change his hair and beard which is not happening with the ui....i dont know some how its different form the original....pls help me out.....credits will be definitely given to the king josh...and also josh can u customize morphy into a female which suits Wes or Inigo morphys plssssssss........ill cum up wid a love story short fil......pls help....thanx

Unknown said...

I'm really not sure your problem is yet K.Ravi. Can you email me a more detailed description of what's happening? Be sure to include maya version as well.

VARMA said...

hi josh.....sorry for the truble....i figured it out....actually the custom ui was in animate i couldent find any attributes...but now ive changed it to morph and m problem is out....thanx josh for the valuble feed back and thanx for the rig

VARMA said...

josh can u custom morphy in to a female which suits for the wes guy from ur clip and post planning for a love story and i need a female for this guy can u custimize it and give the maya file...plssssss...ill be really thanfull

Unknown said...

Glad you got it figured out. On the female front. I'm a bit swamped right now. HOWEVER, you can grab one of the girls from the example file included in the rig pack (teaserImage.mb if memory serves). Just remove all the other referenced characters and follow the same process as above.

VARMA said...

hi josh thanx 4 ur valuble feed back.....

vicky said...

Hi Josh, Can you provide these rigs in .ma formats.

vp said...

thank you Josh for make these great customized versions available....
these rigs Rock!!!Hat's off!

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