Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Where on earth have you been, Morphy?!

He's comin - I assure you. And sooner than you might think (if you were thinking next week that is). Life has gotten busy the last few weeks but that doesn't mean there's not more Morphy fixes and updates than I can remember. Here's a tease of some of them....

  • Hand blendshapes for for flexibility
  • New hand sdk stuff to make hands more meaty!
  • Hideable parts on the rig (i.e. no legs, left leg only, whatever). Also - hideable parts retain morphing.
  • LOTS of polish and pushing of shapes
  • Nose tip mover
  • Ear controls
  • Partridge in a pear tree (if you were good this year)
My beta testers are looking at things now to make sure I didn't blow anything up. So keep an eye out:)

In the meantime, here's the best of what I could find on the internet using Morphy:

And a lot of fun entries from 11 second club's contest last month. Keep pushin him peeps! Here's a few:
Keep your peepers peeled!


Taber said...

My animation! Awesome :D

I'll be using him again for the January competition so I'll keep you posted. Thanks so much for this awesome rig!

Also, I've made him some slacks and a sweater. Is there a place you're having people drop custom geometry they make?

Unknown said...

Sup Taber,

Funny you should ask that. Can't announce it yet but I hope to have a post on that very subject laster this week:)


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