Monday, September 13, 2010

Chuggin along...

This is what I was lookin at this weekend. Isn't that exciting?!

Sorry I don't have much to show but Morpheus is getting really close to being finished. Been working hard on hitting all of the feedback issues I've been getting from folks and spent most of my spare time this weekend in the facial rig. Thanks everyone who's provided great feedback, it's just gonna make the rig that much more robust when it's done.


  • Facial Customization
    • Lots of polish on the nose targets, eye sockets  and lips modifiers.
    • Brand new nose tip modifiers. I wasn't really liking how the nose tip modifiers were working so hopefully the new variations will afford more possibilities. 
    • Added nose bridge narrower
    • Weighting - another weighting pass. One commenter was having trouble getting something with the brows being pushed back and so hopefully that's fixed now
  • Facial Blendshapes
    • Update a slew of blendshapes - sneers, lip rolls, narrows, mouth open/lips sealed, actually...pretty much everything has gotten love
      • Lots of more "z movement" on narrow and lip roll shapes.
      • Sneer "rides the skull" better in the ty movement to work better with some of the customization stuff
  • Textures
    • Got another update from Mary (who's workin on a website for me to link to:), but she's been doing a great job on female make up texture work so you can easily toggle things and what not in photoshop. I'm very grateful.
    • Fixed the lip corner uvs
  • Custom geo - Danny tells me he's still workin on the teeth so can't wait to see what he comes up with
  • Body rig - I think we're pretty good to go now, just gotta finish hooking stuff up to the UI
Still shooting to have a release candidate in the next week but no promises. I'd rather have a delayed rig with less bugs:)

What else....Been really enjoyin the animation gig I started a week and a half ago or so. Fun characters with character types I've not really done before. Good stuff.


tfahey1 said...

Cool. It looks like it's coming along great. I'm looking forward to getting my hands on it.

:) said...

amazing job man !!... i wait the next week :)

elblogodedoriansoto said...

Really impressive rig Josh. One of my favorite rigs so far.

Congrats on the gig as well. May I ask with whom your gig is with and what you're currently working on?

Unknown said...

It's gettin there:) I finished up space switching options and am working through a few facial issues to hit before the first release candidate.

Hey Dorian, working for a small new studio called Moonbot through this month. Fun stuff:)

Andy Finlayson said...

Can't wait for the next release Josh! Such a great looking rig!

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