Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morpheus Ladies putting on their faces and a UI update...

So queuing off a commenter's post, I decided to play with some texture variations this morning. I learned something - that is I have absolutely no idea how women's makeup works. Having learned that, I decided to go simple-Lipstick, eyeliner and a little sun kissed cheeks action. If there are any woman animator/texture artists following this, I could use some help:)

Thankfully I have a generous female animator already working on more hair so we'll get even more feminine sensibility into the mix for final release.

Playing with the face rig some more brought up some new notes I need to fix as well with some shape interaction.

Yesterday made good progress on the UI, have it semi workin in scene, just waiting to lock down some things before hooking everything up. Here's my design that I'm pretty close to in Maya.
Goofy, no? So the idea is with pretty much any customization you wanna do with Morpheus, you'll just go to the Morph-o-matic control and have everything in one place. The squash and stretch reseters will be on their respective part controls and hand and head scaling will be connected to this interface as well (already have hands hooked up and I like the interactivity - I really wish I could make the whole scaling customization kinda like this but one step at a time). Also thinking I'm gonna move the custom geo stuff from the custom geo text control to the head in the interface...even thought about doing some fancy system where the interface would change based on your customization but that would just take way too long.

It's a nurbs based ui so you can scale it, contstrain it, snap it off in its own panel, whatever you please.

That's it for now. Guess it's time to buckle down and write this geo baker for the custom stuff...


Animetrik said...

GUI looks very cool :) Keep rocking ;)

Somboun Souannhaphanh said...

Awesome job Josh

Marcos Borba said...

this rig is going to kick ass!!

By the way, saw this on youtube today. Looks familiar, doesn´t?

keep rocking

Unknown said...

Thanks Ugur and Somboun!

Marcos, thanks man and my that does look familiar:) I'm flattered they thought the animation good enough to copy for practice. So long as it's for practice, no worries on this end.

Making good progress on the geo baking script, hoping to wrap it up shortly after lunch here.

Marcos Borba said...

Yeah! I thought that too. But it would be nice if people uses others animator´s animation as reference, and meantion at least the animator´s name/work :)

All right! Can´t wait for the next up!

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