Wednesday, July 28, 2010


The talented folks at Animation Mentor went and beat me to the punch...Bishop 2.0!

Hat tip to my buddy Matt for the heads up.

Pretty nice work I have to say and they've obviously been working on it for a bit. That or they're just a lot smarter as I've been working off and on Morphy since May. Their wardrobe system is a lot like I was wanting to do but have no idea how to do yet. On the plus side, Morphy will be free so he has that going for him.

Speaking of, no I've not had much time for him this week. I've been busy doing a rigging gig, trying to line up work for the next couple of months and trying to entertain my wife's family who's in town when not working. Oh, and Starcraft 2 came out...soo...yeah...but doing some of that too:)


Ratul Sarna said...

Hi Josh!
I've been following your blog from a long time and also following Morphy's development. I'm toooo eager to sink my teeth into the variety you're going to offer via Morphy. Please continue its development....we'll be patient!
And yea Bishop 2.0 looks sweet too.


Benjamin said...

Another StarCraft fan in the family! I've personally committed to not buying SC2 for a while, for a variety of time-related reasons.

Jon said...

I'm still super excited about your rig Josh, keep up the amazing work!

mattanimation said...

Bishop will needs some friends so keep morphey alive!

Unknown said...

Thanks all. He's comin. I just had to take a week off for a gig. Gonna dig back in tomorrow:)

Ben, definitely a fan. wise decision. To say it's addictively engrossing is an understatement. Hope you and yours are well:)

Rick O'Meara said...

Not to take ANYTHING away from Bishop, but I CAN'T WAIT FOR MORPHY!!! I mean... I can... BUT I CAN'T!!! ;^)

Fes said...

Hey Josh, I am an AM student and while Bishop is sweet and all, his proportions are still not correct though.

And the customizer in Morpheus is easier to use after I played with the beta.

Also, the hands in Morpheus have five fingers. Five. Not four like Bishop. AWESOME!

The rig is looking pretty darn sweet, sir.

Would love to see an option for leg twist rather than PV based leg twist.

Unknown said...

Mornin, peeps. Hope you've done your one fingered push ups, Rick:)

Fes, glad you're liking how he's comin. Yeah, I prefer 5 fingers as well though I plan on making a 4 finger hand rig option for him at some point. And a hook hand. Everyone needs that option.

As to the leg twist, if I follow what you're saying. It is a possibility down the road. My from scratch rig will have that but I wanted to use Doublesteins rig for my "quicker" release base as it have knee and elbow pinning which was more important to me. I animated about 2 minutes of footage on Garden City with this type of rig setup and it's a good solid rig. Give it time:)

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