Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lobster gig is a wrap...

So here's the final Lobster work (at least for my reel stuff). As I said, the client ended up doing the animation in house so I just used the audio and shot framing (with permission) for my reel. I threw a temp texture on him and set up the shaders and lighting as well. Wasn't able to get the background plates so I made some temp ones that felt similar to the vids. You can find more info about the project on this page. Some of the shots make more sense with the vid (i.e. the empty plate is actually a live action plate of food...and the last shot has text up on the hold at the end). All told, it was a very enjoyable and rewarding project and I'm looking forward to the next! Things are going along fine here in Houston, gonna update the reel this week with Lobster here as well as a lot more polished Garden City stuff. Back to reel editing...

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