Monday, September 14, 2009

Updates and tidbits...

Garden City is still chugging along. Just finished a large sequence and starting another. Here's the blocking from the first new shot. I shot some vid reference for this one (still experimenting with workflows) Personal life has been busy and been reading a tome of a book - Les Mis. What an amazing study in character development. Lots of neat stuffs on the internets:

  • Pencil Test Blog - If you're an animator, you should subscribe to this the rss feed here.
  • Need an idea for a doodle? - Check it out or the Worms of the Ensnaring Messiah might get you (Worms courtesy of the Dark Minion Generator on said site)
  • Amazing Paper-cutout/Illustrations - Love this piece.
  • Animator Tools - Some neat ones listed on a great blog for things to add to the toolbox
  • Nice Post on the 180 Degree Rule of Filmaking - Interesting read.

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