Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Some ok work, some amazing work, and some learning...

  • Another Garden City shot done: Pulled out the "school girl laugh" and added a good bit of polish.
  • Please look at this if you're an animator - Some phenomenal workflow vids from animator Jeff Gabor. The first is a comparison reel and the second is an evolution reel. Do yourself a favor and check em out.
  • Blender - Started a gig this week where I'm learning blender. It reminds me of a slightly more complicated Lightwave. I will say that for being free, it has a lot of features however from just an animator workflow perspective I'm not finding a lot of my perferred tools. I know some nice shorts have come out of it, I'm just trying to figure out what kind of workflow they must have used. Time shall tell...

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Jon said...

WOW! Tremendous thanks for the links I was just asking you about workflow and now you post those great links, thank you very much Josh. I also see you changed the giggle and It looks excellent. Are you the only animator animating?

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