Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Garden City and a Face...

  • Garden City - Been waiting on some notes from Cory before continuing the 2d gig so polishing on some Garden City shots to get them past Bokser. Here's the latest on one of em.

    Speaking of, Bokser has a public Garden City production blog now!

  • Face Thingy - thumbnailing up and planning for a new project that would make good use of my staring-at-faces-for-three-some-odd-years-at-midway experience. I've been playing with some other peoples rigs. The Norman Rig, Andy Rig, and Blake Rig (you can google em) in particular. Great stuff! However not super easy for folks to customize the characters further. The idea is to create a customizeable face and rig to go along with it. Initially it'll be just to throw on a character that's already setup except for a good face rig but eventually I'd like to make it more comprehensive. I'm still trying to think of a name for it if anyone has any ideas. I started a sculpt/model for the initial head. Still pretty early on but it's somethin to show, eh?!

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