Thursday, August 7, 2008

Last "Squirrely" update for a bit...

Gonna wait till after I've got his face rigged for any more postings. I used The Setup Machine 2 to rig him up and it worked great. Painting weighting has gone pretty quick and it's a nice way to quickly test the posing and make modeling changes accordingly. There have been several since the rotation render. He's already a lot of fun to pose around. I'm thinkin hard about picking up The Face Machine and giving it a go, the sample rig has a lot of flexibilty though I'm not sure how it will fare with a snout. I finally got some notes from Bokser on my shot shot so I'll get started on that when I can. Work has been some long hours trying to finish up a project for shipping this fall so progress on Mr. Blue might be spotty. I'm taking name suggestions for "Squirrely" if anyone has any idears.

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David said...

what are you gonna do with this thing?

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