Friday, May 2, 2008

This one's for Matt...

Man, I keep getting called out by my friends. Gotta work on being more on top of things. And speaking of things... Things are going well, been adjusting to working from home which can be a challenge. I have to say I miss working with folk face to face. For now, this will be just fine. Mainly working on The Wheelman now for work which is coming along well and the short film project is a lot of fun in what spare time I can carve out. Need to shoot some video reference of a "flowery dance" as Dave called it. Worked on a little number this weekend and need to get his approval before spending time in the computer. Been trying to plan shots better to work most efficiently with the little animating time I have. Houston is warming up as is the box office - ton of promising movies coming out. The soonest being Iron Man which I'm hoping to catch in the next week. What else...

  • Orphaned Works Act - I've been reading about this bill for awhile on different sites with differing opinions. If you're an artist and don't know about it. Educate yourself.
  • Mac jump - I'm pretty sure now that I'm gonna make the shift to macs for my personal work. I just can't seem to decide whether a desktop or a laptop. It doesn't help that I'm such a scrooge that the idea of spending that amount of money causes me to hide my wallet from myself - quite a feat mind you - made possible by my horrible memory.
  • Work flow- Yet another informative animation work flow article.
  • Animation notes - From a seminal with John Lasseter. Where have I heard that name's on the tip of my renderman rendered mind...
  • Wall-e Stuff! - Four minute featurette! Wow...
  • Avatar is back - Again...they really need to be able to schedule their shows so they can show more than a couple of new episodes every few months...
Don't forget Mother's day, peeps!

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Matt said...

Cool stuff!

I worked from home for a few months and I was glad to get back to the office when it was all over.

Also, I heard some stuff about The Wheelman recently. Sounds very cool.

Macs are great. I was very skeptical at first, but after a week I fell in love.

Cool article on workflow. Gonna have to spend some time with it. Same wtih the Lasseter piece.


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