Tuesday, March 25, 2008

For Ben and other Bits...

What's good from the net this week...

  • Karate - Having been called to the carpet by my buddy Ben....YES, I am excited about Kung Fu Panda. The art looks awesome and from what I've seen and read, it's shaping up quite nicely. I know I'm buying the artbook at least. :)
  • Animation Workflow - Seeing how other animators work is a great way to keep growing as an animator. Here are some fantastic insightful reads:
  • Castle Crashers is still very much going to be Awesome - There's a blog to chronicle its awesomeness and the art is beautiful. And speaking of workflow... Marsh Land Construction from The Behemoth on Vimeo.
  • The Batman Animation Law - Dictates that Batman in pretty much any animated form will rock. I'm definitely looking forward to this incarnation. I will say the original animated series from the mid 90's is still my favorite and I think the Justice League version lost some cool factor (way too big of ears...)
  • Some GREAT Disney Art - LINK


Benjamin said...

thank you Josh! ha ha. Miss ya man! we should catch up soon!

Matt said...

I am in need of updates! Blog my friend!

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