Thursday, November 8, 2007

Minor updates and more lessons in the life of Josh....

  • Life Lessons - "That don't wash" - This morning I threw my laundry in the wash as I was heading out the door for work. Went home for lunch to throw them in the dryer and noticed something resting in the bottom of the wash as I was transferring the clothes. Apparently, cell phones don't like to be submerged in water. Who knew!? No, letting it dry didn't work. So I ordered a new phone (cheaper than the store - the guy at the store even told me as such. 2 points for honesty) but it won't be here till Monday or so. So, if I know you and you try calling, that's why I don't answer.
  • An actual site update! - Yeah, I finally got around to updating my age and location, and adding some stuff on my most recent "published" game project at work - Blacksite: Area 51. It ships next week and a new demo will be on live in a couple of weeks. Check it out:)
  • Started working on a new project - I'm very excited to be working on another of my good friend David Bokser's Personal Film Project. Looking forward to seeing it continue to take form. I first read the script a long time back and I'm pumped he's in production. AND it means I get to do some full body hand key animation. YAY!
  • Recent games -
    • Jade Empire - Fantastic ride. Great story, fun combat, though I'd have preferred a few more styles. Ready for some Mass Effect now!
    • Halo 3 - Ton of fun playing with my cousins, brother and friends online. Team based combat is just a ton of fun. Discovered I have an odd propensity to finish people off with a melee attack rather than shooting them. Seriously, it's my highest killing weapon - at one point doubling any other weapon. Who needs guns?
    • Orange Box - Portal is one of the best games I've played. Period. Episode one and Two were good, Two was better than One but they were both great. Team Fortress 2 has some of the best character animation and design I've seen in a game. However, I think I'd prefer to play it on the PC.


Virgil said...

yeah, great animation in the TF2 interface, but not in the actual gameplay itself. where it would matter more in fact...

Matt said...

I didn't realize you were working on Area 51. Great stuff man.

I want to really love TF2, but the lag is so awful that its hard to really enjoy the game.

That being said, Portal is worth the cost of admission so I don't feel like I have been taken.

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