Monday, May 14, 2007

Been busy...

I've not posted in a while and, alas, I have no drawings to post at present. Doesn't mean I haven't been drawing though. Just that there's these little NDA things. I post em when I can:)

Life has been trucking along quite nicely. Work is busy trying to finish up the project and every other weekend have been splendid little breaks seeing a particular person/special someone/whatever non-specific term you'd care to think of for the one who reminds you what figurative "spring time" is about...:)

This weekend was another adventure. Saturday we headed downtown to see some of Chicago, hit the Navy Pier, walked Michigan Ave, saw the giant reflective bean at Millennium park and saw a fantastic exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago - Cezanne to Picasso. It was an amazing collection with more than a few paintings of their patron (one Ambroise Vollard) whose face and name I think I'll remember for some time - having seen it painted and drawn umpteen times. Here's a couple of them so you might see a taste of Mr. Vollard's portraiture. Pretty much every famous artist of the Nabis circles painted him many...many...times.



Sunday, we drove to Michigan to hear an author we both rather enjoy who has a church in Grand Rapids. Google maps had said the trip would take three and a half hours or so. With that in mind, we left at 6:45am to make sure we'd get there in time. So we roll in about 9:30am wishing we'd left a little later as we were now, we though, a bit early. We pulled into the parking lot and I asked the parking attendant guy if we were in the right place as they don't use signs. I also asked if the service was still at 11. He said it was and it is and I began to pull out of the parking lot so we could drive around a little while we waited. He came trotting over and motioned for me to roll down the window and asked, "You do know it's eastern time here, right?"


It hadn't even dawned on me that we could be changing time zones. So, being right on time, we parked and went in. It was a good service and Mr. Bell is a very talented orator.

After that and a trip to Pizza Hut for lunch, we headed on down the road. With a bit of time to spare, we explored a little and wound up at Holland State Park laying on a lake side on a beautiful day. Great way to whittle away a couple of hours.

Took her back to the airport and headed home to get some much needed shuteye. Monday morning finds me back at work, nose to the grind and counting the days once more.



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