Friday, March 23, 2007

Useful Gardening info...

So yeah, I'm in to all kinds of stuff. Anywho, my friend posted a fun blog entry I can't specifically link to so I'll just reprint it here. Learned something new today. Thanks, Bean:)

Yesterday, I was trying to water the lawn, but there were all these bees and wasps flying around, so I was nervous, but I know that bees can smell fear and so I tried to NOT be nervous. Then I came inside and looked up wasp repellent and found the most useful piece of gardening data to date. Wasps and bees are allergic of mint. They are DEATHLY allergic to it. Birds can't smell it and it isn't harmful to them anyway, but mint kills wasps and bees. The author of the website I found recommended using mint extract to ward off the nasty creatures, but I had no mint extract no time to run to the store and purchase some. But they smell it and stay as far away as possible from it, so as to preserve their lives. Knowing this, I threw a mint candy into the garden and today -- NO WASPS OR BEES! Completely remarkable.

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