Saturday, March 10, 2007

In case you hadn't noticed... new website design is up! After far, far too long, I have a new website design that is up and working. I've not fleshed out quite all the content yet, but it's a start. Projects has been updated with some recent projects, so give it a look see. The Gallerific section is done sans the animation and photography areas and I'll be getting to my reel update in the next month or so (the one I had up here is way old anyway. Also, I updated the awards won by my buddy David Bokser's Le Vieil Homme et les Poissons which I had the pleasure of working on. For people who care how some things were done...


Kyle said...

Nice man, like the new look!

Jared Chapman said...

The new site looks great!
Thanks for the book plug, by the way.

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