Sunday, December 3, 2006

Andrew Peterson Concert

Saturday night, a buddy and I headed to Northern Chicago to see Andrew Peterson and friend's Behold the Lamb of God Concert. It was a amazing. Andrew has some talented friends who "accompanied" him for the concert - Derek Webb, Andy Gullahorn, Jill Phillips, Sandra McCracken, and Eric Peters. They're all a part of a consortium/collaboration/whatever of artists called Square Peg Alliance. The first half of the concert was a round robin of the group of talented friends taking turns singing a song from their individual albums accompanying eachother and telling funny stories between songs. It was the first time I'd really heard Eric Peters and I really liked his stuff. I was already a fan of the rest so it was nice to find another artist to listen to and I picked up one of his CD's at the intermission. After the break, they went straight into the Behold the Lamb of God set without any talk between songs- just one majestic anthem after another. They had some very talented other artists supporting them and, of course, one of my favorite instruments - hammer dulcimer baby! If you can catch him another time, I highly recommend it.


Wandering Again said...

sounds like great fun I am also a fan of Derek Webb though I am not sure if I know any of the others by name maybe if I heard some of their stuff.


Unknown said...

Check their sites, you can listen there:)

Unknown said...

So glad you enjoyed that man! My favorite show of the year as always. We had a great time at the show in Greenville, SC.

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