Sunday, September 24, 2006

Olaf needed a body

So I spent this evening on giving him one...much to do still, but making good progress. It was a good excuse to play with the new Silo 2 beta which, I must say, rocks the Casbah!


Cory said...

i love his glutes~ Olafius Maximus!

Jared Chapman said...

He's looking fantastic!
Next time I move, I'm calling him.

Matt said...

He's got alot to love!

Josh said...

No worries Mattc Cory has ordered some lipto for the next pass.

Jared, wait till he has some hands for moving....and pants.

Cory, I'm not sure Olaf is comfortable with your comment. Then again I posted him in the buff, so he's probably more irked at me:)

Updates to come this weekend at the latest.

Bobby Chiu said...

Hey Josh! Wonderful blog you have here and the model is lookin grrreat!!

Cory said...

how's that loafy loafy olaf coming?

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