Friday, July 14, 2006

Lots O' Nothin!

  • Never ending rendering - So my never ending project is about at an end. I really can't thank the client enough for being patient. Let's just say that rendering at HD res adds just a "wee" bit of render time AND Lightwave doesn't render the hypervoxels so fast at that res. I'm pretty tired of not having my main computer. That and losing a hard drive a few weeks back makes me ready to give my computer a little break. About 30 frames to go!
  • Running after being sick - I was sick for about 3 weeks. Not too bad of sickness - tired all the time, headaches, etc. So for about that much time I didn't really jog. So last week, I tried to start up again. Wow did I lose a lot of my runnin' mojo. Before I got sick, I was running 6 miles most days and close to 10 every other weekend. This week, I started at completing 2 of my 4 mile circuit and after a week of it, I'm only barely back at 4. The funny thing is I lost nothing on the lifting front....strange.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Saw this last weekend with some friends. To get ready for it, I watched the first one the night before. The movie was a fantastic popcorn flick...just a whole lot of fun. It was a little long, but not too bad. On the special effects front I just have to say, "Wow!" Davy Jones is the most amazing cg character I have yet seen on the screen. The greatness of Golum has been eclipsed and my mind is still reeling at the how's of it. It was a special effects smorgasborg and I can't wait to pick up the DVD to see the behind the scenes.


kyphur said...

Sorry that you were sick guy. I've picked up running again here lately and I'm just happy I could do a mile without stopping after not running since last fall.

Keep up the good work and stay in touch yo.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Davy Jones is amazing. I gotta pick up a Cinefex magazine and check out how they did it.



Sugarplum said...

Re: getting sick and losing muscle mass. It happens very very quickly, but is also regained pretty quickly. One week is enough to lose about a pound of muscle mass and stamina/endurance? Well,...yeah...those things come and go. But the good news is that this stuff comes back pretty quickly if we stay on top of it as much as we can.

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