Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Vonage, Allergies and Crazy Weather

So, yesterday was around 70 degrees in the Chicago metropolitan area. This morning I woke up hoping for an outside run when I checked the weather. Mid 30's and likely rain. Ug. So I headed to the gym and spent a bit of time with the treadmill. On the drive in to work, it went from rain to frozen rain to snow flakes in as I crawled through the morning commute. Wacky. So far, I'm really liking Vonage. The fact that it emails me when I have messages and I can listen to those message from anywhere I have net access is just sweet. It transferred my old number over just fine and so far the service has ben more than I'd hoped for. I think I can give it a probationary two thumbs up. Last week was misreable. If you don't have allergies, I don't know if you can quite understand. We allergic folk approach spring with mixed emotions. There is usually about at one or two week window whem lots of trees and flowers are filling the air with their watery-eyes, nose running, violent sneeze inducing pollen. Every year I think I'm over them, but every year they come back and hit me like a mack truck. I'm going to the doc tomorrow to get some meds. Thankfully, it looks like the botanical air party is about over and I can get back outdoors. Work has been a bit busy as of late with the march up to E3, but nothing too crazy. Other than that, Life is good. Very good:)


Charlie said...

Hope you never need to dial 911.

Josh said...

Thanks for the concern, Charlie. However, I registered with 911 services through Vonage and if that fails, my cell phone works:)

I hear tale you're going to see my brother soon. Hope you have a great time.

Sugarplum said...

As for the allergies, if you want to avoid them, you could always move to SoCal. :)

Josh said...

Right, right. No allergies money;)

Sugarplum said...

Yes, but the sun is always shining. :) Even when it's raining.

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