Saturday, March 11, 2006

An absolutely gorgeous day....

Song of the day - "This World" - Caedmon's Call - Self Titled Album Today was amazing outside and I was out most of the day to enjoy it. I headed downtown this morning to meet a friend to go to the St. Patrick's Day parade and spent almost the whole day out in the glorious weather. The parade was a little lack luster, however we did see them dye the river green which was pretty cool. It was a green as lime koolaid which is pretty impressive. It was a bit of a let down to see that they just dyed it with what looked like little cups of dye. I had hoped for giant leprauchan cauldrons spilling green goo into the water...but perhaps there were no cauldrons around:) It was a fun day. So I've decided that I'm not drawing enough, so I'm instituting a new rule - No blog entries without a pic or a sketch (we'll see how long it lasts - and hopefully they're better than this one). One of the guys at work was able to get together enough people to pay for a figure drawing class at work. That's gonna start this Tuesday. That should provide some opportunity to stretch the drawing muscles. Technology is a fickle mistress. I can't seem to get my ipod reformatted on my home machine. I keep getting these weird errors. My options are 1) see if it does the same thing on my work pc and or 2) take it in to be serviced. None of the stuff I've found googling the problem have worked. Ug... In general, I'm on a antitech bent right now (so you've been warned). Also, something appears to be very wrong with my computer. I can't seem to access the disk management utilities via the administrative tools and other such weirdness. I'd like to reformat and start from scratch but I think waiting till my current freelance gig is done is a better route to go. Photography has always interested me to some degree. I think a lot of it has to do with good photography's dependence on lighting. I'm something of a lighting nut (if that's not obvious in my cg work). Getting a good render out of the computer is a lot like painting with light. I'm thinking about splurging and getting a good digital SLR to pick up a new hobby and hopefully expand my understanding of composition, light, and quite possibly - candid shots of friends:) This week I discovered a few cool places on the net:


Sugarplum said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! I don't know if I'm early, late, or on time, but I know it's in this general vicinity of the month, so I wanted to say Happy Birthday!

Did you take pictures of the river turned green?

Unknown said...

You're early by a few days, but thanks:) No, no pictures - I didn't have a camera yet. Yet being the operative word there;)

Anonymous said...

So my list of stuff I absolutely cannot live without grew to include a 2500.00 tablet. Great. Thanks alot Josh.


-Matt Forcum

Cory Godbey said...

hope you get the pod resolved man.

check out here for posts complete with detail illustrations of my own pod problems.

Unknown said...

Sorry, Matt;)

Cory, sorry for your misfire, my friend. I had success on Friday. The restore app worked like a charm on my work PC - just further evidence that all is not right with my home machine.

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