Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Girl Scout Cookies...

Yesterday I walked into the lunch room with every intention of eating "right"- I had my Lean Cuisine (which are quite tasty by the way) and a thing of Jello-pudding. As I was setting my stuff on the table, I saw a pile of boxes - Girl Scout cookies and a pay-by-honor coffee can. I quickly scanned the pile and was both happy and sad to not find my personal box of vice in the pile. With a little sigh, I began to sit down when the guy selling these cookies for his daughter walks in and my friends and I make a joke about it and he says he'll go get some more. As he walks out the room, I asked him, "You wouldn't have any Thin Mints would you?" He did. My will power put up a valiant fight for all of, say, 3 seconds and my hand went for my wallet. They are in my opinion the greatest cookie currently being mass produced- coming second only to really great home made chocolate chip cookies. By the end of the day, I had 4 to take home to dip in some milk. The rest had succumbed to, in a minor extent, the appetites of fellow coworkers and mostly to my own crazy eyed cookie desire. I'm grateful that I only get the opportunity to purchase them once a year or so.


Jared Chapman said...

I think all of America agrees with you on that. The fact that Girl Scout cookies are sold ONLY once a year is the only thing that keeps this country from being a population of diabetics. At least that's what I tell myself as I open that fourth box of cookies. ;)

phidler said...

I've always told myself I'm getting them to help out an organization like the girl scouts....but everyone knows thats a complete lie. Its the tag-a-longs my friend...its for the tag-a-longs. (which by the way are the greatest of the girl scout cookies).

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