Friday, September 9, 2005


I've struggled over what to say about this travesty. A few days before it hit, my uncle told me on the phone that it was a shame I hadn't been to visit New Orleans cause, well, it would be gone. I laughed that off thinking that the thought was improbable at best. Watching the TV and taking in the news though out the day via the web one breaks at work, I just couldn't understand and many thought raced through my mind Why did the people stay? Why weren't there supplies at the dome? Why didn't help get there faster? Then the blame game started. There is a time for everything under heaven, but this is the time to help, not to hinder. By all means, look at what went wrong, but not while people are still in need of rescue and shelter. I just don't get it. I hope we all help any way we can and pray for those ways we are not able.

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