Monday, April 18, 2005

Last Week...

Last week I went home to visit fam and friends as I'd not been home in about a year and a half. Hopefully, now that school is out, there won't be a repeat of that. One cool thing was that I discovered that a guy that had worked at my church growing up had in fact been in the industry for a long, long time and is now working at a studio he helped set up in Oklahoma City - Everytribe Entertainment. We sat down at a BBQ place that'd I'd not been to before that was slobber-like-a-fool good. If you're in OKC, look up Smedley's. His company is doing live action, but he had a lot of insight to offer on movie making in general. I was very appreciative of him letting me pick his brain for a few hours. I got the chance to visit a couple of studios last week in Dallas which was very slick indeedy. I was fortunate enough to visit DNA and ReelFX both. Headed over to DNA first and met up with a new acquaintance who was kind enough to offer to show me round. I took a little peek at their facilities and was gonna try and get some feedback on my reel, but my DVD wouldn't work on his box. I tested on Mac, tested on PC, but neglected to test on the little penguin that could. Oh well. A group of guys there went out to eat at a place called Red Robin which was very good- juicy burgers and tasty shakes. I had a great time chit chatting and even met a guy there who graduated from SCAD last year and found out we had a common friend in David Bokser as well...small world. From there I headed downtown into wonderful Dallas downtown noon traffic and drove around in circles till I found the hidden street sign signifying the road I was seeking. Namely, the one where ReelFX's new place was. Met up with a friend of a friend there and he showed me around. They've got a huge new facility. I met some nice people there and had a good time chatting with a couple of them. I finally met Keith Lango there which is cool cause I can finally put a face to a name as I'm a big fan of his tutorials. I also met Mark Behm at DNA which nice because I've been a fan of his stuff for a long while. All in all, last week was very cool all round.

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